'Turtle Van' Spotted On Set Of TMNT


One of the more iconic objects from TMNT canon, the 'Turtle Van' was recently spotted on set of the upcoming Jonathan Liebesman's directed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. Sporting a classic yet cool look, are recent set photos swinging fan opinion?

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iamnsuperman1790d ago

Is it me but does everything have this comic book style but trying to set it in a real world. I feel this is going to fail hard

I mean look at this

If your going to go with the comic book style don't put it in the real world

Crazay1790d ago's based on a comic book dude and I think it's supposed to appeal to mass audiences of different ages. I don;t have any issue with what I've seen so far. In truth, I like the look of the van. It hearkens back to the original cartoon. I kinda hope they recapture that in some small way.

R3DRAIN891789d ago

I want to see how the ninja turtles are gonna look like.

aDDicteD1785d ago

the turtle van looks incredibly awesome, good move for them to include it. i have some hopes that this film might not be bad as it was originally thought it would be.