Matt Damon’s “Elysium” Role Was Offered to Eminem First

In a recent interview with Wired, Neill Blomkamp revealed that he approached two other men before even talking to Matt Damon about starring in “Elysium”. One of them being a South African rapper named Ninja, and the other being Marshall Mathers the third, known worldwide as Eminem.

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KingPin1797d ago

south african rapper ninja.....LMAO!!
that fool isnt a rapper.
if you guys think im talking crap, just listen to "die antwoord" on youtube. lol garbage to the max.
the guys doesnt even have musical ability, id be surprised if he could act.

Hergula1797d ago

I do agree with you, he is really worthless when it comes to rapping.

alycakes1796d ago

I think Matt Damon is perfect...he's really proved himself as an action star. This movie looks different in a way from other sci-fi ones I've seen lately so I'm looking forward to this one.