While Waiting On 'Gravity,' Watch Trailer For NBC Show 'Believe'

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NBC has been a punching bag lately, and not without good reason. The one-time kings of network ratings have tumbled from their dominance of Must See TV Thursday to pretty much For The Love Of God Watch Us On Any Night Please TV. And while NBC's past found them bringing massive, game-changing comedies like "Seinfeld," "Cheers," and "Friends" to air, is cutting-edge drama going to define them moving forward? This year alone they defied all expectations and impressed both critics and audiences with "Hannibal," a richer than expected and very fresh take on the character. And next year, will "Believe" join its ranks?

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alycakes1763d ago

Cool...This is the kind of show I like. I will watch and see where they take it. With JJ Abrams attached to it I'm sure it will be very interesting with a lot of mystery and suspense.