Hot Comic Con Trailer: Breaking Bad Countdown Mashup

From “Someone straight like you’s just gonna break bad?” to “I am not in danger — I am the danger.” It’s three long weeks until the beginning of the end of Breaking Bad. Armed with 13 Emmy noms for the drama, AMC will premiere the first of the final eight episodes on August 11. Until then, here’s the series recap that was shown at Comic-Con this morning.

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alycakes1733d ago

I know this is a good show but I never watched it. I just couldn't get into another series on AMC.

Crazay1732d ago

You are doing yourself a great injustice if you miss this show Aly. Give it 3 or 4 episodes.

alycakes1732d ago

I planned on it after it's all over. I figure that I can probably watch it online little by little. You would be surprised how behind I am on movies and shows right now. I have heard good things on this one though so I will try.