Six Actors Who Could Be the (World's) Finest Batman

His throat cleared and brilliant character actor Harry Lennix uttered the words “I want you to remember the one man who beat you” to an enraptured and stunned audience. Lennix was quoting from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, but he was standing next to Zack Snyder, who had come to Comic-Con’s Hall H to discuss a Man of Steel sequel. Then it clicked. Lennix was reading Batman’s sizing up (and smacking down) of the Man of Tomorrow for what may be the most anticipated movie of tomorrow (or at least 2015). A Batman and Superman movie is finally happening.

The crowd went nuts.

In the mayhem that followed, which you can read about HERE, Warner Brothers has gushed about Zack Snyder, who is apparently co-writing the sequel/DC’s answer to The Avengers with Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer. People applauded WB’s desire to stand up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and others wondered what role, if any, Christopher Nolan will have in this development (my guess is little…). But let’s be honest, what we are most keen on discovering is WHO’S THE NEXT BATMAN?

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Upstate89871768d ago

Yes, except for Idris. No black batman, sir. (Not racist, just Batman isn't black)

Yi-Long1766d ago

... would have been Joaquin Phoenix. Just look at him. He has absolutely the perfect face to play a brooding Bruce Wayne.

Now he's a bit older, so I'm not sure.

Tyler Hoechlin might be a good choice as well.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1766d ago

I hate when they try & force cultural diversity. It isn't something that should ever be forced, it should come naturally. Idris is a perfect John Stewart/Green Lantern anyways :p

And Mark Strong was already a perect Sinestro. He's one of the few good things from that dreadful GL movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt? No... Can we stop saying that please? >_<

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is really the only actor in this list that I can see fits the role. Armie Hammer might have what it fits but he still looks far to young and is way to tall. The actor chosen should be roughly the same height as Henry Cavil. Good luck WB :3

Hergula1767d ago

Nice list, entertaining read, but I personally can't see any of them being Batman.

I mean Armie Hammer is the one everybody is talking about, but somehow I doubt he will be a good Batman.

Also, the new Batman needs to be a bit more buff than Christian Bale was in The Dark Knight Rises. something more along the lines of Batman Begins.

RetrospectRealm1767d ago

I doubt they'll call it 'World's Finest'. Probably has to have Superman and Batman in the name for marketing purposes to those who don't read comic books.

ironfist921766d ago

Maybe as a Subtitle, or Alternative Title

like Superman: Man of Steel, Batman: The Dark Knight

Superman/Batman: World's Finest

actually...worlds finest sounds gay...

RetrospectRealm1766d ago

What? World's Finest sounds badass if anything. Plus, it's one of the best comic books ever.

StarWarsFan1767d ago

I don't see any of these names being the final selection. Joseph Gordon-Levitt? He's too short and doesn't fit as Batman. Idris Elba? Batman isn't black. Mark Strong? Batman also isn't bald. Armie Hammer? After The Lone Ranger's success at the box-office? I don't think so.

dcrowsneset1767d ago

Sean Connery wore a toupee, though age is the only thing working against Strong. I think Coster-Waldau would be the most interesting (or Elba), but Hammer has a very good shot at getting it. Bale was in Reign of Fire, which was more of a Matthew McConaughey vehicle, before Batman Begins as well.

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