Top 10: Shows On TV

These are the top ten shows that are currently still airing new episodes, so syndicated shows such as ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ will not be included in this top ten. However, they be on an all-time list in the future.

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medman1768d ago

Ummm..yeah. Other than Person of Interest, this list is pretty much a joke. Everybody has an opinion, no doubt, but no Hannibal, American Horror Story, Mad Men, or Breaking Bad, to name a few? C'mon now.

ilikestuff1768d ago

agreed, i had to go through it twice cause i thought i mightve missed breaking bad

alycakes1766d ago

Walking Dead, Homeland, Elementary, Person of Interest...all good...aside from that...I would not care if I saw them or not.

aDDicteD1762d ago

i havent seen most of them so i cant really say,im just happy walking dead and game of thrones have high spots. other shows could have made the list like american horror story.