David S. Goyer On Batman/Superman Title; Says Zod's Fate Will Be Addressed In Sequel

CBM: Both David S. Goyer and Henry Cavill were at DC's "Superman: 75th Anniversary Celebration" panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, and the former revealed that they have yet to choose a title for the movie and promised that the way Superman dealt with General Zod WILL be addressed in the movie.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1798d ago

This movie has so much promise it's sickening.

KingPin1797d ago

hmmmm so the next one will have kryptonite in it coz thats the only thing that could weaken superman enough to make anything batman has effective.

and arent they both good guys? so why would they be versing each other?

i dont follow the comics religiously so anyone that can sum it up would be nice.

frelyler1797d ago

There is a script online from a few years back, I would not be surprised to see elements from that script used in this film. Basically Batman is tricked into hating superman by Lex Luthor and the Joker, the plot is uncovered and Superman and Batman join forces to end it. It sounds cool, but I think Batman needs to be put to rest for a while. Do a Doomsday Superman movie already, I'm so sick of all the potential for awesome stories and none of it being used. No one cares about Lex Luthor, he's been done enough.

wishingW3L1797d ago

the greatest detective tricked? Bulls**t!

Shad0wRunner1796d ago

Batman HAS to happen, if they're going to do a full on Justice League movie tie-in. They already said Bale wont be reprising his role as Batman nor will it be a continuation or spin off of Nolan's vision. There will be a new Batman movie, with a new Batman that will tie into these new DC movies....sorry, but it's gonna happen. And it needs to.