Independent Cinema - Man of Steel Review

Independent Cinema writes: When Zack Snyder is leading a property that is being released in the summer, I, and many others, know to expect a feast for the eyes. His style is undoubtedly his own, and he is able to change up the formula every now and then to provide incredibly rich and beautiful moments on screen. So it was no surprise when Snyder was announced to be directing Man of Steel, the latest attempt to reboot the Superman franchise since the abysmal Superman Returns. Taking a page out of Christopher Nolan’s superhero handbook (and even having the film produced by Nolan), Snyder’s Man of Steel is a flawed, but visually engaging attempt to reinvigorate one of the major characters in the DC universe. Attempting to balance a realistic take on the story of Clark Kent, as well as deliver the scale of bombastic action that one would expect from a Snyder movie, the film has a hard time soaring to the heights of other superhero films.

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