Beverly Hills Cop IV Back In Development

With the TV pilot having been rejected by most major TV networks, The TV shows creator, Shawn Ryran, has just revealed that it has been rejected yet again and that another movie has been put in development in its place.

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darklordzor1739d ago

Seriously? I think it's about time to let this one go. Once the show got rejected, they should have just stopped. The the franchise recede gracefully into nostalgia.

kevinodonnell911739d ago

3 was a disaster. We don't need 4.

jordan84451739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I think 3 is a bad way to go out. It's possible to gain respect decades later, look at Rambo 4.

adorie1738d ago

John Rambo was such a crazy, realistic film. The gore was brutal, the action intense and plentiful.

My stomach isn't easily turned inside out, but some of the scenes in that movie made me flinch.

If Rambo can come back in style, then Beverly Hills Cop can too, but will Eddie Murphy have the chops to keep Axel Foley relevant in our modern age?

One way to find out..

Hergula1739d ago

Why not? I mean it might actually be quite good.

StarWarsFan1739d ago

I'd be happier to see a movie than a TV show. I think Eddie Murphy is awesome if given the right material. He was the highlight in Tower Heist, so I think giving his character some cool material is more than doable. I also think it wouldn't hurt to bring in Jerry Bruckheimer and a good director, like Jay Roach, who can fuse elements of drama and comedy.