The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Team Discusses Sinister Six Plans

CB: Spider-Man fanatics see characters like Electro (Jamie Foxx), the Rhino (Paul Giamatti), the Lizard (Rhys Ifans) and multiple Goblins (Chris Cooper, Dane DeHaan), and immediately, they are going to start speculating: When is Spidey going to fight The Sinister Six?

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RetrospectRealm1766d ago

DAMN. Sinister Six would be awesome in a movie!

darklordzor1765d ago

No kidding! That'd be incredible to see. I wonder if that's their plan for the 4th film they announced. Get more villains set up in the third and then bring them all in for the 4th.

Hergula1765d ago

That might actually be what they are trying to set up for the fourth film, possibly, I mean.... ya know.