'Legend Of Korra' Season 2 Release Date: Official Trailer In HD Watch Here

iDT: The "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date official trailer has been made available by Nickelodeon on the channel's Youtube page The trailer comes hot off the heels of the show's creators and actors showing off the first episode of the new season at Comic-Con. Along with the first episode, we also received an official "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date: September 2013. Fans can look forward to Korra fighting spirits in the second book, seeing as the subtitle of this season is Spirits. Two months is a bit longer than we want to wait for the "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date, but we'll live.

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RetrospectRealm1769d ago

Can't wait. Heard they already started work on Book 3 too!

coolbeans1768d ago

Looks great.

Now, I need to go back and see how Avatar finished (stopped watching after a while).