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Jackman To Pass Wolverine Batton

BT: Hugh is playing the X-Man for the fifth time in new film The Wolverine, and will play him again next year in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, which features younger versions of the mutants.

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RetrospectRealm1583d ago

I'd say after maybe 3 more films he'll be done.

DarkBlood1583d ago

Going to be interesting to see someone new try to top Hugh Jackman in his role as wolverine

Leio1582d ago

It wont be much of a challenge. Apart from his look he hasnt done anything worth topping as Wolverine.

darklordzor1582d ago

Or perhaps we could have an X-film without Wolverine in it? Maybe?

ironfist921582d ago


Wolverine is practically X-Men

Reibooi1582d ago

Gonna be hard to get used to someone else in the role. I know Jackman was not perfect and that some dislike him as Wolverine but I loved him and thought he was great and after seeing him in so many movies as the character it will make it that much harder to see another actor take the role.

Hergula1582d ago

I think that they should definetly find a new person to play Wolverine, and while Hugh Jackman is quite fitting, the entire things could be better.

I would like a more animalistic Wolverine, and a more buff one, and he needs to be shorter, and even more of an asshole.

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