Ryan Reynolds Says 'No' To

MTV: If you ever see Jeff Bridges on the street, don't feel the need to be so formal: the actor has given his permission for you to call him "The Dude."

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RetrospectRealm1794d ago

Someone bought the domain through GoDaddy.

Hergula1793d ago

Oh man... I really wish they would just cast a more serious actor to play a serious character.

ironfist921793d ago

Serious? Do you even know about Hal Jordan?

Hergula1792d ago

Yes I do, it seems like you are the one that is mistaking him for a comedian.

JL1792d ago

Yeah, Hal isn't exactly a serious character. I actually think as far as personality goes, Reynolds was pretty damn spot on in the role.

Genki1792d ago

The dark & serious bandwagon rears its ugly head yet again. Not every film needs to ape that style to succeed, nor will it fit with every character and story, as those above have stated.

Hergula1792d ago

Don't judge me based on one comment, I don't need every film to be serious, Hal Jordan on the other hand, would be more fitting in a serious film than a comedy.

Genki1791d ago

Well, when you attempt to use hyperbole to bolster your point(he's a comedian in a comedy!), it's hard to take what you say seriously. There are shades of grey between the extremes of drama and comedy; stop insinuating that anything that isn't pure drama must be pure comedy...get some perspective.

Several films have blended elements of both to great effect. Humor, in and of itself isn't awful if it's done well & manages to fit the context of the characters and story. Drama and seriousness, on the other hand, isn't the automatic ticket to quality as everyone seems to believe as of late. It's high time we stop turning up our noses at humor and levity while giving a free pass to heavy handed melodrama.

JL1792d ago

The movie was an origin story. Hal was a cocky smartass in the beginning. We're talking the same guy who taunted Batman for not having powers and was always making wise cracks in the New 52's JL. So, yes, he played the origin story well. Even showed some maturing towards the end.

ironfist921791d ago

Considering the collective disagreement of everyone else, youre wrong :/

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StarWarsFan1792d ago

What a stupid question. It's just so improbable.