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Best Horror Movies says "The Conjuring is an excellent haunting story that is interesting, compelling and actually very scary. There are jump-scares and shockers, as well as a slow-building fear that builds to a wide-eyed comatose state waiting for some kind of relief. Extremely well done indeed."

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Best-Horror-Movies1771d ago

One of the better ghost stories to come out in years.

ajax171770d ago

Nice! I wasn't expecting anything good by the trailers (or the name). Also, an 85% on RT based on 100 reviews! I'll have to check it out.

Best-Horror-Movies1770d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it.

SynGamer1770d ago

This was directed by the same guy who brought us the original "Saw", "Dead Silence", and "Death Sentence". All good movies in their own, personally speaking.

Very much so looking forward to seeing this (hopefully today). As soon as I saw it was going to get an R rating, my interest piqued :)

Reibooi1769d ago

From what I have heard the movie is better then most of the movies because it's got much better acting and story takes much more of a front seat(because it's based on real events)

It looks good to me but I would like to know from anyone who has seen it. Were all the best scares spoiled in the trailer/commercials for it? I have when they do that because it ruins the fun of seeing the movie and be shocked or surprised at stuff that happens.