Man Of Steel And The Dark Knight's Hans Zimmer Scoring The Amazing Spider-Man?

CBM: If so, that would mean Hans Zimmer has composed the scores for arguably the three biggest superheroes in the world! A Tweet from a journalist who got to interview Marc Webb today seems to indicate that he is indeed going to work on The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Read on for details!

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RetrospectRealm1801d ago

Wow. Zimmer composing the scores for the 3 biggest superheroes in the world? Damn...

StarWarsFan1800d ago

Too much Hans Zimmer. Let's have some other names in the mix.

Hergula1800d ago

I mean James Horner is a phenomenal composer as well.

coolbeans1800d ago

That is quite an accomplishment, if true. Although it's kind of sad that those 3 superheroes are all going for "darker tones," Zimmer's done a respectable job of putting his own sense of character into those types.