Apocalypse Big Part of Fox’s New X-Men Universe

Unleash the Fanboy

We’ve debated this rumor for a while here at Unleash The Fanboy, but now that SDCC has arrived, we’ve finally nabbed a quality source on the subject.

Apocalypse, that massive blue and gray genocidal baddie of mutant fame, will play a huge role in Fox’s expanded X-Men universe according to our source at the studio. We had a chance to speak with her before the craziness of SDCC gets into full swing this weekend.

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DarkBlood1767d ago

ive ever only heard of this guy from X-men Legends 2 and i never really played that game fully

supposely hes the worse mutant of all time?

aDDicteD1759d ago

it would be a good move if he would emerge as the new threat in days of the future past. but it would be so good to be true.