Comic-Con: New Character Portraits From X-Men: Days of Future Past


So far, X-Men: Days of Future Past has turned it up to "11" with their Comic-Con displays. Now the official X-Men Movies tumblr has revealed some character portraits for the film (some of which were first spotted by CBM), including the first look at Omar Sy as Bishop and the new outfits! Check them out below.

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Crazay1378d ago


Look at Bishop. He looks freaking amazing! They nailed it.

darklordzor1377d ago

Agreed, he looks very spot on. This is easily one of my most anticipated for next year. I loved First Class, and hope they pull off something similar with this one.

Crazay1377d ago

I was really surprised by how much I liked First Class. I still don't like how they made Beast up though. He looks like a blue gorilla

Crazay1377d ago

That's a good question

darklordzor1376d ago

Probably going to show up in that X-Force movie.