Happy Anniversary John McClane, 10 Movies Spawned By 'Die Hard'

The Playlist;
25 years ago today John McTiernan's "Die Hard" exploded in wide release onto screens nationwide and forever changed the landscape of action cinema. This wasn't just a box office smash, it was a genuine game-changer, one that made a star out of Bruce Willis and created its very own sub-genre. It's easy to forget now, after countless neutered airings on broadcast television and sequels that have all but turned the once-beloved brand into anonymous slush, just how profound impact "Die Hard" had on movies back then was.

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Hergula1737d ago

Great read, yet a bit odd, considering how many movies Die Hard was "based" off of.

ironfist921736d ago

Die Hard was based off a book wtf

alycakes1737d ago

So true...but his character never got tiring.

coolbeans1737d ago

Yeah, he stuck out so well from every other James Bond-esque figure of that time.