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In all honesty, The Wolverine has always seemed like a completely unnecessary installment in the X-Men film series. We had the main trilogy, which ended rather badly, and then a completely botched attempt at a Wolverine origin story, which paved the way for 2011′s brilliant X-Men: First Class; a fresh start for a franchise that was hurtling towards comic book movie irrelevance in the face of The Dark Knight and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With a hotly anticipated sequel to First Class on the horizon, returning to the character of Wolverine for another standalone adventure seems like a case of Hugh Jackman being unable to let go of the role that made him a star rather than a real attempt at bringing something new and significant to the mutant table. Having said that, with Oscar winning director James Mangold on board to helm an adaption of Logan’s much loved foray into the the world of the samurai, maybe, just maybe, it can defy expectation.

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