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"Athens Will Burn" In Xerxes Character Poster For 300: Rise Of An Empire

CBM: The fourth character poster for the follow-up to Zack Snyder's critically acclaimed 300 (this time directed by Noam Murro, with a script from Snyder and Kurt Johnstad) features Rodrigo Santoro as the villainous Xerxes. Check it out!

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Hergula1796d ago

I couldn't be less excited for this film...

RetrospectRealm1795d ago

Why's that? Did you see the first one?

Hergula1795d ago

Yes, and I was not even slightly amused.

I mean it was quite intriguing as a film, but failed on too many levels for me to find it a satisfying watch. I feel the same with this upcoming film.

aDDicteD1786d ago

the first film is so good that i dont know how the second one can stand toe to toe with it. i hope it would be as good but i dont think it will be better than the first 300 film.