Hollywood Just Doesn’t Understand Comic Books Does It?

STFUandPLAY's Tony Polanco writes:

"So last night I see a headline about the X-Men: Days Of Future Past movie and send the story over to Kelz so he can post it. Now, I didn’t read the story at this time. I saw the headline and figured it’d be cool to have that on the site since this is Comic-Con week and all that. When the story was posted, I went to go read it.

I was NOT prepared for this synopsis:"

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RetrospectRealm1797d ago

Are you kidding me? Who would want a strict adaption of a comic book with everything exactly the way it was in the comic book? You have to introduce something new when you make a movie...

Romudeth1797d ago

There will always be deviations. One medium is not like the other but this goes far beyond that. Characters shouldn't be given powers that they never possessed in the comics.

What if Spider-Man was given psychic powers? What if Xavier was given the ability to transform into a giant monster? You have to stay true to the characters and not make random changes like this.

calis1797d ago

I agree with that.

Don't necessarily need to produce an exact copy of a comic (or normal) book story but don't make unnecessary changes.

wishingW3L1797d ago

what Nolan did was take stuff from many different Batman comics, then he mixed it a bit with his own personal twist and voala! One of the best trilogy in history of film making was made. ;)

hazelamy1797d ago

well, Kitty does actually travel through time in the original comic booc version, so i'm not sure what the complaint is.
or at least her mind does, she goes back in time and possesses her younger self.
her younger self probably not being around when the in the past portion is set means they have to change that a bit.

admittedly i can't remember how the time travel was achieved in the comic version, whether it was a secondary mutation of Kitty's or somebody else's power.

RickHiggity1797d ago

Kitty Pryde possessed these time travel powers in the original Days of futures past comic.

Romudeth1796d ago

She used a device, she didn't use her own powers.

DarkBlood1796d ago

its usually people who expect comic book movies to be like the comics that are disapointed thus unable to enjoy it due to thier high expectation.

which is why i never been disapointed with any movie or should i say get "pissed" off about it at all

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