Comic-Con: RoboCop Viral Site Updates with New Images


Last year's Comic-Con revealed the first viral site for the upcoming RoboCop reboot. The initial site teased the redesigned ED-209 that we'll get to see in the film and little more, but things have changed now. The website,, has been updated to allow users to see even more of their products and what they're capable of (Thanks to Gotham-News for pointing it out). Check out some of the images and teaser videos below, but explore the website for yourself by clicking here.

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adorie1799d ago

Oh, crud. I cannot believe they're going to ruin this great classic. Wasn't it OCP? Ugh. Omni Consumer Products, I believe.

I also want to add how I hate the new suit and no gun inside the robotic leg.

Doomed to fail, I think. But we'll see..

MikeyDucati11798d ago

I like the new ED209. I would have picked a different coloring. Something like a red and black for intimidation purposes instead of the military Metal Gear Solid look. Nevertheless, it's looking good!!