Entertainment Fuse - The Newsroom Review - First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers

Entertainment Fuse writes, "The season premiere of The Newsroom was last night, offering an episode of full fledged excitement and a couple new guest stars. For those that have not seen it yet, this episode, like the first season's premiere, certainly wasted no time jumping right into the action of the hard hitting stories that a cable news station would tackle."

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coolbeans1742d ago

Hmmm...I was getting pretty darn bored and annoyed as the first season progressed, but perhaps I'll give it another shot.

jarradshaw1735d ago

The 1st season did have a slow start. By the end I was very invested. Interestingly was the writing of the humor, very quick and almost dry. So dry in fact that a joke could pass you by. Give it another chance. Real life news, great characters, and a humor I am now admiring.