Aaron Eckhart in Talks for Marvel Movie Role – Who Should He Play?


With the rumors of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Doctor Strange via Latino-Review, it looks like Marvel is trying to snag some good DC movie actors lately. Now thanks to our interview another DC alumni may be added to the list.

During a press interview for the film Erased our very own Louis Love asked lead actor, Aaron Eckhart , if there was a chance of him and Christopher Nolan reuniting in a film.

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Crazay1802d ago

I vote for the Black Panther....I dunno why I just think it's a neat idea. =P

Lord_Sloth1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

You can't turn a black man into a white man! That's just racist! It's only not racist to turn a white man into a black man!!! IE Nick Fury

Crazay1801d ago

Nick Fury, Jonathan Storm, one time, Robin was looking to make an ethnic change too.

here on these boards, I was cut down and even bubble raped at least one bubble because of my thoughts regarding Jon Storm and Electro (granted I hate Jamie Foxx so that was really my biggest issue - not his skin color so much).

blackmanone1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

LOL! I don't have a problem when they turn white characters black. Not a big Samuel Jackson fan, but he did Fury justice. But could you imagine the shitstorm if they made a black character white?

I think it's time for a Punjabi Doctor Strange :)

PS: That only worked out too well that was posted a minute before mine :). Lord Sloth, I can't say anything in response other than... BEST. DRAGON LANCE. CHARACTER. EVER.

Crazay1801d ago

Lol. Punjab doctor strange! Hilarious.

OSIRUSSS1800d ago

I could see that game show host from "slum dog millionaire" as Dr Strange! I don't mind color changes as long as they bring something to the role!

hkgamer1801d ago

I'm pretty sure you cannot change a black character to a white character in hollywood. maybe in the past but not now.

I mean doesn't all hollywood movies need atleast one black person in the movie? I mean he doesn't need to play a big role, just needs to have a black person.

Anthotis1801d ago

Eckhart is blonde, and Jewish directors always cast blonde men as the bad guy.

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darklordzor1801d ago

This would be interesting considering the rumors of JGL getting a Marvel role too.

level 3601801d ago

I think it's ok for Joseph Gordon Levitt to maybe play a young Doctor Strange but Jeffrey Dean Morgan ( of Watchmen/The Comedian ) definitely looks the more mature Doctor Strange.

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