TV Fanatic Dexter Review: I Want to Confess

So... has Debra Morgan finally hit rock bottom?

On an episode titled "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?," that's the real question viewers are now asking themselves, as concerns over Deb are at an all-time high for this confused serial killer.

She's drinking, she's driving, she's wanting to confess her role in LaGuerta's murder and, as a result, her brother's role in an endless stream of other murders. Where will it end for Deb? How low can she call? And perhaps most pressing of all at the moment:

What are Dr. Vogel's intentions with her and Dexter?

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alycakes1805d ago

Can't wait til it's all over so I can catch up on it and watch it all at once til the very end starting with the 6th season because since I haven't seen the 6,7, or this last one.