TV Fanatic Falling Skies Review: Who Can You Trust

Going into ""The Pickett Line," I wasn't sure whether or not Cochise should be trusted... let along assisted in the completion of the Volm machine. The construction was kept a secret and, even more worrisome, it's purpose and potential were unknown.

As annoying as Mariana has been, she went behind Tom's back and investigated the Volm device for a noble reason. She was and is concerned for the well-being of the Charleston residents and the entire United States. However, her methods and fundamental desire for order and control undermines her ability to lead.

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alycakes1804d ago

I don't know about the finale of this season and what it's going to hold. You find one mole and you just get another one. There are just too many things going on at the same time and two many ends that need to be tied up. I'm getting fraustrated but still watching.