Guillermo Del Toro Says No 'Pacific Rim' Director's Cut On DVD, Reveals 3 Different Endings

IW: It's Monday morning, and the victor between "Pacific Rim" and "Grown Ups 2" has been determined....and it's "Despicable Me 2." Yes, in the great showdown that was set to take place this weekend between Guillermo Del Toro's monsters and Adam Sandler's farts, it was the minions who wound up winning. That being said, a third place finish likely wasn't what Warner Bros. was hoping for with their $190 million movie (though it did brisk business overseas) and it'll interesting to see if this turns into the franchise everyone involved was hoping for or not. The next couple of weeks will determine that, but until then, Del Toro has teased what might appear in part two, and brace yourself for some technical nerd talk.

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RetrospectRealm1770d ago

Great directors say that the director's cut is what you see in the theater.