Geek Nation: Envisioning The Last of Us as a Feature Film

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead.

Last month, we were bestowed an impressive and gritty cinematic zombie experience. No, it wasn't World War Z. It was The Last of Us. A rare game that was both critically and commercially acclaimed, The Last of Us possesses that elusive combination of a compelling story, compelling characters and compelling gameplay.

It also draws some of its inspiration from the film world, and even though the film version of Naughty Dog's other hit franchise, Uncharted, has been languishing in development for some time, it's not a stretch to imagine that things will one day come full circle for The Last Of Us. But to do it justice as a film would require that elusive combination of the right director, the right cast and the right screenwriter.

In this second installment of Geek Nation, we take a look at what a The Last of Us feature film might look like.

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