Five Reasons You Should Watch Pacific Rim

Kane Bugeja from Capsule Computers says:

"Kaiju. Since Godzilla first ran rampant, these terrors have destroyed countless onscreen cities. Humanity fights back with bullets, planes, tanks and anything else that goes boom. But what if we fought them on even ground…or ocean? What if Transformers decided to give Godzilla the ‘ol what for?Therein lies Pacific Rim. Just in case the action packed trailers haven’t quite piqued your interest in this grand-slam showdown between monster and machine, here are five reasons why you should watch Warner Bros & Legendary Pictures‘ Pacific Rim."

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kariyanine1803d ago

I can't say I agree with these reasons to see it but I can certainly stand behind the recommendation to see it.

coolbeans1803d ago

You really only needed #4 and #5.