Sci-Fi Pairs Photos: 'Gravity', 'Ender's Game' & 'All You Need is Kill'

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It's almost time for Comic-Con! Which means there's a quite a few exciting previews coming up over the next few weeks. As I was browsing through the EW preview that's now online , featuring a big batch of new photos, I found at least two I'd never seen before from sci-fi movies I'm particularly anxious to see. I also noticed, perhaps not so coincidentally, that at least four of the photos show two people, a male and female pair, which is interesting to point out when they're shown together like this. The photos are from Gavin Hood's Ender's Game, Francis Lawrence's Catching Fire, Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, and interestingly, Doug Liman's All You Need is Kill seen once before, which is one of the big surprises during WB's panel.

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