Predators Movie Sequel To Be Announced At Comic-Con?

CB: The Predators Movies Facebook page has just dropped a rather interesting teaser. The page posted the text, “Something is coming… #HuntthePredator,” along with a teaser image. The teaser image says, “There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man… We’re all gonna die.”

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RetrospectRealm1773d ago

Didn't like the first one, probably wouldn't like this one.

darklordzor1773d ago

I really enjoyed Predators and am hoping for another. They're cheesy as all get out, but I can't help but enjoy them!

RetrospectRealm1773d ago

Hmm, I think I agree with you. I just don't think Predators was as good of quality as the others. Just didn't seem right to me.

darklordzor1772d ago

I could see that. It certainly had it's share of flaws, but compared to Predators 2 (though I still like that one) and the AvP films, it was refreshing.

steven83r1773d ago

The first one was pretty good. Better than AVP. Most people just need to shut off their minds when watching these and stop comparing them to the originals. Same happened with Conan. It was watchable and entertaining but if you try and compare it to a classic like Arnolds well you will never be satisfied. And same for Clash movies.

Lord_Sloth1773d ago

But what of those who compare Arnold's Conan to the original?

steven83r1772d ago

Well i am saying people go in already bashing the movie for not being Arnold's. I have friends who did that and took a lot to get them to see it. Same with Total Recall. What if we did that for the Batman movies. Nothing beats the original Tim Burton ones right? No better joker than Nicholson right? What i am saying is don't bash the movie before seeing it. The classics will be there and remembered but the new ones may surprise you.

RetrospectRealm1772d ago

It's hard to do that when we love the originals so much. Can't just "shut off our minds".

steven83r1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Well essentially you do "shut off your mind" when going to the theater or watching a movie. It's a 2 hour escape from the bullshit that is life. But if you go in nit picking and tearing the movie apart comparing it to the classics, well you will never just relax and enjoy the mini vacation that are movies.

RetrospectRealm1772d ago

Even so, you don't seem to grasp the concept that some movies are very dear to people's hearts. You couldn't just wish away thoughts of Empire Strikes Back when going in the theater in 1999 to see The Phantom Menace.

DarkBlood1772d ago

i wonder where it will take place on the planet perhaps? kind of want to see a story of them trying to get off the planet this time