Bond Back For Movie No 24... Devil May Care

TS: THERE was always a danger Bond movie titles could stumble into Austin Powers territory when the original IAN FLEMING books ran out.
But thankfully there isn’t another shagadelic Goldmember or woeful Quantum Of Solace to herald DANIEL CRAIG’s next outing as 007.
Bizarre can reveal the follow-up to Skyfall will be Devil May Care.

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Yi-Long1799d ago

.... so I'm not really sure how I feel about Mendes returning as the director.

Craig is always great, and Casino Royale is probably my favourite Bond ever, but I thought Skyfall just wasn't really 'Bond' enough. On paper, it ticked off some 'exotic locations', but never really managed to take good use of them (Shanghai just a building, Macau just a secret casino/den, and an interesting island we didn't see enough of).

And the ending was just kinda predictable and boring, 'by the numbers'. As was most of the dialogue. The drama wasn't strong, the humour wasn't sharp or original.

After the fantastic Road to Perdition, I maybe just expected a more 'classy' and 'traditional' Bond flick, really going back to the roots of Bond and the spy-genre. It sadly didn't manage that.

Then again, it was still WAY better than the absolutely terrible Quantum of Solace, which was made completely unwatchable due to terrible editing and shaky-cam, and cramming a potentially interesting story into a short crappy 107 minute action-flick, that fails on all accounts: it's a crap Bond movie that pretends to be an action-movie, but due to it failing in showing that action, becomes completely worthless.

aDDicteD1798d ago

good news that mendez is returning. the title is catchy and i hope it will be as great as casino royale and skyfall.