Independent Cinema - The Kings of Summer Review

Independent Cinema writes: Life can be so rough when you’re a teenager. Girls or boys, parents, school, bullying; it all becomes such a struggle that all we’d really want to do is run away. You would want to find a new home with your friends and just grow up without anyone else to interfere. The Kings of Summer tries to convey this idea several times in what feels like 2 and a half hours but is really 93 incredibly tedious minutes. Now certain films have tried to show the adolescent fear of growing up or actual need to grow up and most of them just don’t end up having any lasting power. I could probably only pick a handful of movies (all of which are probably from the 80′s) that have truly succeeded in the actual experience of the angst and fun of adolescence. And as I’ve hinted at before this movie fails on almost every level to be something real.

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