Dredd Fans Create New Film Series Cursed Edge

Metal Arcade: Stan Stepanic writes:

The future of an official Dredd sequel is up in the air, but fans have taken matters into their own hands with a promising film series, Cursed Edge.

It hurts, it really hurts that I didn’t see Dredd in theaters. I feel like part of the herd that made it unsuccessful in the box office, figuring it would be another waste of time, Hollywood cash-in flick. When the DVD finally came out, I figured, why not? Especially since I was able to procure a free Redbox code. What was I thinking?! If you haven’t seen it, and especially if you’re a fan of the character, see it, now. It says a lot that in spite of performing poorly at the box office, Dredd was the number one DVD release of 2012 (Lionsgate publicly declared this in a press release several weeks ago). There’s a reason for that – it’s frikkin’ awesome.

I eventually came across a fan project called ‘Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge’, a series set to take off from the film. I was lucky enough to fi...

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