Katniss Stuns In A New Photo From The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

CBM: With the second trailer due out the 20th, Entertainment Weekly releases a new still with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci). More after the jump.

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RetrospectRealm1778d ago

I never read the books, so I have no idea what's going on with all of these weird and formal costumes.

Hergula1777d ago

Neither have I, but the weird thing is that now that the "hunger games" are over, what the hell will the upcoming three films be about? Well, I will not read the books, so I´ll just wait and judge the movies for what they are.

RetrospectRealm1777d ago

Exactly what I was wondering! Maybe there are more Hunger Games? Haha, I have no idea.

Hergula1777d ago

Despite that though, the upcoming film does look quite good.

coolbeans1777d ago

I haven't either but the previews I've seen make it out to be some sort scheme by the uber-rich to convince the poor, hungry people Katniss isn't "one of them anymore."

KingPin1777d ago

i dont really care. personally the first movie was crap and i could care less about the books or what the next movies are about.

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