The Following Season 2: Who Will Return

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading right now if you wish to remain in the dark regarding a key storyline on The Following Season 2.

Natalie Zea has confirmed to William Keck of TV Guide Magazine that she will reprise the role of Claire Matthews next year... although she came close to turning down a new deal.

"My concern, and [series creator] Kevin Williamson's concern, was always, is there more story to tell with Claire?" Zea said. "And we both discovered that maybe there wasn't."

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alycakes1775d ago

I will start watching again. I hope it starts off a little better than it did last season. The FBI was written out a little dumb and I know they have to have more common sense in real life than they appeared to have on the show. The writers just showed them to be out of it and untrained in the field. I know it's just a tv show but most tv shows these days do their homework.