New Trailer for Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmaster

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U.S. audiences will be getting perhaps the best way to close out the summer, with a batch of festival and international hold-overs debuting in August. Not only is the long-delayed, acclaimed horror flick You’re Next landing, but alongside Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End (hitting the U.K. this month), Wong Kar-Wai‘s highly-anticipated The Grandmaster will be arriving in theaters.

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alycakes1804d ago

Oh goody, this is a good fighting clip. I can see that I this is going to be a good action film like crouching tiger hidden dragon but with a new story to it.

Yi-Long1802d ago

... It's a Wong Kar Wai movie, which IS about martial artists.

I absolutely LOVED the movie when I watched it in Hong Kong earlier this year, but I'm a huge WKW/art-house fan. Your expectations might be different than mine, going into it.

Also, I believe the USA/Western cut will be (slightly) different than the HK cut. Which is a shame, cause the HK cut is pretty damn close to perfection.

Hopefully they didn't throw in a new soundtrack or something like that.

alycakes1801d ago

That is totally's still going to be something I will enjoy just from the trailer I could tell that much....thanks for the info though.

coolbeans1803d ago

"The Man Who Trained Bruce Lee"

That's all I needed to know. ;)