Johnny Depp Finalizing ‘Alice In Wonderland 2′


Clearly Johnny Depp‘s reps are in publicity overdrive following a week of bruising bad press when The Lone Ranger bombed and his star status was questioned. The purpose, of course, is to demonstrate that Johnny is very much in demand. And he should be despite the public rejecting both his Tonto and Barnabas Collins roles recently.

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Crazay1774d ago


The guy is fresh off a commercial and critical flop and he's going to go back to drinking out of the Tim Burton punch bowl again? BAD BAD move.

ironfist921774d ago

At this point I dont think he cares. He's making alot of money

Yi-Long1773d ago

... he's just doing movies and projects HE enjoys doing.

He could EASILY go for the straight 'normal' leading man Hollywood roles, and still get paid BIG money. He doesn't. He does his own thing, always has. And I admire that in him.

It's strange that Depp is now getting criticism for playing 'the same oddball character' (while in fact they're all very different from eachother. All weird, yeah, but still different), yet guys like Bruce Willis or Will Smith are repeating themselves pretty much their whole career, and nobody makes a big deal out of it, cause those are the 'normal' roles.