'Sharknado': What Hollywood Is Saying About Syfy's Movie

"Can't watch #Sharknado because I'm on the set of my new film Tsunamwolf," tweets "Modern Family" writer/exec producer Danny Zuker.

Sharknado may have wreaked havoc on Los Angeles in Syfy's new movie, but it became a major, spontaneous phenomenon on Twitter during its Thursday night premiere.

The movie's title is currently the top trending topic on Twitter. Star Tara Reid and Syfy also are among the top 10 trends on the social media site.

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alycakes1749d ago

I threw in the trailer because if you didn't see it you at least need to see the trailer. This is just too funny to miss out on.

Ares84HU1748d ago

Who thought that this will be a good idea?? What a waste of time. Whoever gave the green light on this must have been drunk.

hazelamy1747d ago

it's been reported that the Asylum have made money on every film they've made.
mostly because of how little they cost, but still, a profit is a profit.

ironfist921748d ago

Oh sure shit like this gets green lit yet we cant get a Deadpool or Hellboy 3 movie made

hazelamy1747d ago

if they could make those movies for under a million like The Asylum do, i'm sure they'd get made.