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Grown Ups 2 is a devastating film that shatters its own dense mythology with the marked absence of one Rob Schneider. It is almost as if the whole world-building of Happy Madison has been called into question.

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Hergula1804d ago

Wait what? A 0/5? That doesn´t even make sense, as the lowest score you can give is 0,5 or 1, depending on the scale.

Like, how does it not even make 0,5? Like what?..WHA.....ohhh well...

coolbeans1804d ago

I think a movie giving you dry heaves upon realizing the time being wasted watching it deserves such a low score, which is probably what happened to the reviewer.

Hergula1803d ago

You might be right... I guess. Well, I need to check it out for myself before I say anything further ;), HAHA.

dcrowsneset1804d ago

If it is anything like the first one, then is surely does make sense.

Hergula1803d ago

whoahh,,, I´ll check it out as soon as possible to see if it is actually as bad as everybody is telling me it is.

coolbeans1803d ago


You're now tempted to watch it just to see how bad it is? O_o

aDDicteD1800d ago

the trailers were already bad. the movie might as well be awful ten times more than we actually think.