Kristen Bell to Play "Better Dressed" Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation

In news that's more exciting than the sight of a sloth, Kristen Bell will guest star on Parks and Recreation Season 6.

According to creator Mike Schur (via Entertainment Weekly), the actress will stop by for an episode of the NBC sitcom this fall in the role of an Eagleton Councilwoman.

“She’s Leslie’s equivalent, but richer and better dressed,” Schur says, cracking us up already.

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alycakes1804d ago

Love her...she is just so funny. I am so happy that she is coming back with the Veronica Mars movie.

medman1804d ago

Veronica Mars was such a good show. I was not happy when it left the airways.

alycakes1803d ago

Not just that they left but how they left it. They didn't leave us with any real closure with her dad and her and Logan. I'm wondering how many years later this movie is going to be.