Major Possible Plot Point Revealed For Expendables 3

EP: The examiner is reporting that the plot of Expendables 3 will revolve around the Expendables team having to save the President of the United States!

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Hergula1687d ago

I mean, isn´t it about time they save the President? HAHA, that would be Golden, if it would actually be true.

jordan84451687d ago

From what I'm hearing this isn't true.

jordan84451685d ago

Dolph Lundgren's agent gives us tidbits every now and again. Never answers direct questions but every now and again gets a kick out of debunking rumors, says this one is bogus.

NovusTerminus1686d ago

Donnie backed out? Damn, get Tony Jaa in there! that would be great.

RetrospectRealm1686d ago

Let's get Bruce Lee's ghost in this.

RetrospectRealm1686d ago

I hear you. I watch it more for the awesome action and the stars in it than for the actual plot.

Lord_Sloth1685d ago

And that's the best reason to watch any action movie. I love the Expendables but it's not exactly the deepest film series. XXXD