X-Men 'X-Force' Movie in the Works at Fox

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It appears that X-FORCE will be coming to a theater near you! The “X-Men” film is being developed at 20th Century Fox, and just three months ago, the studio registered it’s future website address at This is usually how future X-Men film titles end up getting leaked. Going off previous talks with “X-Force” creator Rob Liefeld and producer Lauren Shuler Donner, things may be looking good for Cable to be brought into the mix.

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Crazay1746d ago

Dunno what happened...
added the alternate link

DarkBlood1746d ago

Didnt think there would be another one ontop of "wolverine" and " days of future past" nice im looking forward to it

Defectiv3_Detectiv31746d ago

X Force? Too bad, I really wanted to see them do X-Factor, it was always one of my favorite comics as a kid. It usually just served as a rag tag team of heroes, whoever they felt like throwing in at the moment, but in the 90s they settled on a lineup and it had a pretty great run for awhile. Quicksilver, Polaris, Strongguy, Wolfsbane, Havock and Multiple Man. They all had realling unique powers and personalities that bounced off each other.

I geuss I can see where they are going with the whole XForce thing though. If I'm not mistaken most iterations of the comic include Cable, who is from the future. So I geuss in that way it could tie into XMen Days of Future Past. At any rate its good to see them doing a different storyline with the Xmen as opposed to the whole Magneto Vs. Xavier conflict we see in every film.

ironfist921746d ago

Can someone explain what X-Force is? The article offers no insight.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31746d ago

Like X-Factor, it's just a spinoff of X-Men. It's set in the same universe and occasionally would feature characters from the X-Men. It went through various incarnations and revisions, but the most popular version of the comic featured mutants like Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Warpath, etc (Cable, a mutant from the future, being a significant player in several X-Men storylines). The arch nemesis of the group being the character known as Stryfe.

It really is just a shameless tie in for the most part, but like X-Factor it did experience an impressive jump in quality during the 90s. Not really familiar with the noteable storylines though as I was more of an X-factor fan.

ironfist921746d ago what the hell is X-Factor?

Defectiv3_Detectiv31746d ago

Another X-Men spinoff. X Factor are basically a group of government contracted mutants. It should be noted that the fontman to X-Factor is Havok, Cyclops's brother. Cable, the frontman of X-Force, is Cyclops's son from the future. So Cyclops plays a pretty significant role in the X-men universe, it's too bad he has been shortchanged filmwise.

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The story is too old to be commented.