Another New Still From The Amazing Spider-Man 2


From Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con preview issue, a new photo from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sees the backside of Peter Parker suited up, in his bedroom that's apparently filled of "clues."

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Anthotis1773d ago

Wow, so we at least know that Spider Man will be in it, and his amazing bedroom!

danthebios1773d ago

I prefer the spiderman movie before amazing spiderman.Venom and sandman,death of green goblin then poof,gone,reboot...why they didnt continue,my guess was maybe the actor of spiderman got bored of being spidey(just guessing) so no choice but to reboot and amazing spiderman...

coolbeans1773d ago

He wasn't bored of Spidey, just hated the direction for SpiderMan 4 was going: rewriting him back to high school days.

Hergula1773d ago

Oh, I agree with you on that, to a certain extent, as the third Spidey film was definetly watchable, and enjoyable. My problem was similar to yours almost, as I also found it a letdown because the writers could not make up their mind on what they wanted to happen in the third film. And because of that, the story was filled with small holes, making some scenes peculiar beyond belief.

Also, I had a problem with the villains, as Venom was a letdown, and Sandman was simply unnecessary, that is because Venom was in it.

Hergula1773d ago

Sam Raimi´s first and second spidey films were stellar, but the third one ruined the series, as they literally made Spidey´s biggest villain, Venom, into a pathetic loser, with the wrong actor playing him.

It was like Carnage spray-painted black, with an actor more fitting to play Carnage than Venom, and the guy who played Sandman, would´ve been a good fit for Venom.

That´s pretty much the problem with the third film.

coolbeans1773d ago

Eh I still don't get the hate for Spidey 3 (at least half of the movie is pretty good). Venom did feel "designed by committee," but the real problem was in juggling so many different sub-plots.

I still thought it was decent, though definitely a letdown.