Vin Diesel Meets With Marvel, Hints At Avengers 2 Role

CB: Around two weeks ago, Vin Diesel announced via his Facebook page that Marvel Studios had requested a meeting with him. Today, Vin Diesel posted a follow-up announcement, revealing that he had his meeting with Marvel Studios.

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RetrospectRealm1750d ago

"you know I get tunnel VISION with my work"

It's official folks, Vin Diesel is playing Vision in Avengers 2.

RetrospectRealm1749d ago

I think he's a good fit. There isn't much acting in playing the Vision, so it should be alright.

FullMetalTech1749d ago

I agree. Hes not really a good actor at all. But he would be perfect for Vision because he always sounds robotic in all of his movies.

Ninte1749d ago

Lets wait and see show we before we get ahead of ourselves, he could just be an extra lol