TV Fanatic Defiance Review: We Live or Die Together

Wrapping up Defiance Season 1, "Everything Is Broken" gave us answers to many questions, some of which have been out there since the pilot. However, it also left us with plenty to ponder, debate and discuss until the show’s return for season two.

Let’s start with the big answers and then get into the significant questions...

What Is The Gold Medallion?
The medallion that Luke died over - that Quentin gave to Nikki, that then Doc Yewll fired a coldfire weapon into - is one half of a key to an ancient Votan weapon that Earth Republic has been after for years. The other half of the key has been inside Irisa since she was a little girl.

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alycakes1752d ago

Such a great finale that it deserves a higher rating. I am left with so many questions and I'm ready for the next season to begin.