TV Fanatic Teen Wolf Review: Room with a View... of Death

It took six episodes into the season for things to gel, but "Motel California" was a flawless episode of Teen Wolf. Yes, you read that right. After all of my whining over the past five weeks, I couldn't find a single thing to complain about from this hour. It was exceptional.

It was essentially a continuation of "Frayed," as the kids found themselves still stranded in the middle of nowhere on the way to the track meet and they pulled over to the Glen Capri Motel. This particular motel had the highest rate of suicides of any other in California and included that of one Alexander Argent, Mr. Argent's uncle, back in 1977.

Instead a taking the traditional route to the next round of sacrifices, Stiles and Lydia eventually deduced they were drawn there specifically to kill three werewolves. This was good stuff!

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Darn! I missed I have to wait a couple of day before seeing it and I have to see it so I don't get behind.