'Boardwalk Empire' Star Michael K. Williams May Play 'Freeway' Rick Ross in Jeremy Renner Movie

The Wrap:
"Kill the Messenger" stars Renner as journalist Gary Webb, who became a target of the CIA.

(Update 2:51 p.m.: Rick Ross has sent TheWrap an exclusive statement, which has been edited for spelling and grammar. "Please be aware that I will still be moving forward with my motion picture written by Nick Cassavetes. I am not involved with 'Kill the Messenger.' This does not affect my relationship with Cassavetes or Nick Cannon. My story is the heart of what happened from 79-95. People have to understand Gary Webb came into the story 10 years after it was over. This is his story from the outside as a reporter. Much of how the actual explosion of Crack happened and my life story won't be in their piece. It will be in mine, along with the reality of the impact economically, socially and racially. We also have our documentary coming out directed by Marc Levin tentatively titled 'A Crack in the System' nearing completion.")

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alycakes1809d ago

Stories like this are usually good. The cast is good also and since it's based on a true story I will be looking out for this one.