Teen Wolf Season 3 – Recap And Predictions

Metal Arcade: Kayla Herrera writes:

Here’s a recap of Teen Wolf Season 3′s events thus far, as well as our predictions for the action-packed supernatural thriller.

After the debut of the first season of Teen Wolf on MTV, many were floored at the action, suspense and sexy performance of the supernatural thriller. Originally thought to be another rip-off of the Twilight series, Teen Wolf turned out to be as far from a Twilight werewolf as you could get.

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alycakes1747d ago

Twilight? Not even close...this show is too good to be anything like twilight. You just have to watch it to understand but they just started the 3rd season and if you start now you would be wondering who is who and why is he doing this with so and so? Too many questions to answer so you need to catch up on seasons 1 and 2.

MetalArcade1747d ago

That's exactly what the writer said...