Collider Ray Donovan Review: “A Mouth Is A Mouth”

Critics who already viewed the first four episodes of Ray Donovan (I purposefully abstained) swore to its greatness, but the pilot episode didn’t match the hype. The tropes, the editing, the pacing — there were many things that showed promise, but fell short in execution. Despite its flaws though, Ray Donovan was still entertaining, and had a quality to it that was fun without being phenomenal. This week though, in “A Mouth Is A Mouth,” the show settled into a better flow. There are a lot of old stories the mix in to the present day in Ray’s world, and the show’s odd mix of humor, family moments and violence makes it increasingly compelling. Hit the jump for why “he said breach again!”

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alycakes1750d ago

This show is along the lines of Michael Clayton...the movie George Clooney made. That was a great movie and he was a fixer in that. I would love to watch this.